A short film directed by Reena Dutt


3 PUFFS OF GOLD is a short film about a survivor of date-rape. When she unexpectedly runs into her attacker at a dinner party, her silence starts to take on a dark and magical life of its own.

First and foremost, film should be beautiful. It should tell a story. And that story should mean something. To what extent does silence become a part of post-assault trauma? What are the factors, both internal and external, which cause a survivor not to speak out? These are a few of the questions we hope our story will raise via the amazing medium of film.

As filmmakers, it is our belief that breaking the silence of sexual assault is more than standing up for your rights. Breaking the silence is a way of opening yourself up so that your community is able to come in and support you. And it is our belief that community is the most wonderful, miraculous thing in the world.


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